More Information on the patterns

The sketches on the plans are not to scale and will need to be enlarged according to the measurements shown.

Cottage Plan example
Cottage Plan example

Above are examples of what the plans look like

Each pattern includes a plan, detailed instructions, a list of requirements and a photo of the completed cottage.

Cottage Pattern example

Above is an example of what the packed pattern & plans looks like

All patterns explain the details necessary and the requirements needed to complete each project.

The cottage walls are constructed of cardboard wrapped in fabric. The gardens make use of different fabrics, ribbons and threads including grass, climbers, trees, flowering shrubs, landscaping and garden ornaments where appropriate.

Basic embroidery skills will be necessary to do the work on the garden. Sketches and measurements are included on the pattern sheets and on the plans.

You will need access to a range of different textiles including box board (thick cardboard), calico, russia braid, wire, canvas, foam core, ribbons and threads.

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